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How Does it Work?

95% Success Rate!

95% of patients using a mandibular advancement device reported they snore less, according to the NCBI.

Our Product

Our anti-snore device auto-adjusts to fit each unique mouth shape and deliver results the first night of wear! We produce the best quality and most user-friendly snore prevention solution on the market.


Why choose us?

1. Universal Size: General Mouth guards are stiff, too bulky, or too small for the average consumer. Our product smart-adjusts to each wearer, to avoid this problem.

2. Maximum Comfortability: Our product is integrated with advanced multi-layer technology that automatically molds to each individual's mouth when activated in hot water. This provides our users with an invisible, "forget it's there" feel.

3. Kid-Friendly (8+): After amazing customer feedback, we re-developed our anti-snore mouthguard to be trimmable so that it is easily adjustable for kids mouths as well as adults!