Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however it may take up to 1 week of wear to adjust to wearing our product.

Our product is designed to fit all mouth sizes with our smart adjustment technology.

Although our product was not designed for bruxism, users have had success using our product for bruxism treatment.

BPA free medical grade silicone.

8+yrs old. Do not use if under 8 yrs of age.

With everyday use we suggest replacing every 3-6 months.

This product is not made to be a replacement for cpap. However, it can be used in addition to your cap machine.

Soak the mouth guard in mouthwash and gently brush with toothpaste to clean.

Not yet, but we are working on that, it should be available very soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified once that option is available.

You can contact support through email at: