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10 Reasons Why Sleep is so Important

1. Sleep is a significant component in retaining and strengthening memory.

2. Your bodies muscles repair themselves during sleep.

3. Adequate sleep improves social interaction skills.

4. Sleep boosts creativity levels.

5. Sleep increases focus.

6. Sleeping regulates your heart rate.

7. Well rested people have healthier reactions to vaccines.

8. Adequate sleep boosts mood/combats depression: The brain produces serotonin when sleeping which is referred to as the "happy chemical".

9. During sleep your bodies toxins flush out.

10. Sufficient sleep lowers risk of diabetes.

Sleep can be interfered with by a multitude of things. It can be anything from having a caffinated beverage before bed, sleep disorders, or, one of the most common; snoring. Snoring can have a hugely negative impact on sleep, click hear to read more about it. We don't have every solution, however when it comes to snoring the solution to your dillemma is just a click away. Don't neglect your sleep, its too precious to neglect. Until next time!

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