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5 Scary Effects of Snoring

1. Snoring=Divorce?!?! Sounds crazy right! Well this notion might not be so far fetched...According to a study done in the UK; 1 in 6 people have considered leaving their partner due to snoring. 28% of people openly admitted to being less attracted to their partner because of their snoring.

2. Insomnia/ Erratic sleeping patterns: Snorers reportedly wake up more frequently during sleep hours resulting in abnormal sleeping patterns. Women who slept with snorers were reported to be 3x more likely to have insomnia than those who didn't sleep with snorers. Unstable sleep/insomnia results in a lack of balance, weakened immunity, anxiety and more.

3. Heart Risks: Studies show that snorers have a 5x higher risk of heart disease.

4. Risk for type II diabetes: Snorers are 80% more likely to have a resistance to insulin. Insulin resistance is a common sign of being pre-diabetic.

5. Headaches: Studies have proved that there is a direct correlation between snoring and morning headaches.

The Fix. Consider using an anti-snore mouthguard. Still not convinced...check the stats:

-According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information nearly 95% of patients using a MAD(Anti-snore mouthguard) reported that they snore less.

-70% of people surveyed claimed that a MAD(Anti-snore mouthguard) helped their partners snoring.


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