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Top 10 Sleep/Snore Calculator Apps (Free)

• Sleep Cycle: Sleep Analysis & Smart Alarm [Android/Apple]
This app has way more extensive features and tracking than most. Sleep Lab tracks how long it takes you to fall asleep, snoring sounds, your steps, sleep regularity, and even heart rate. It also tracks when your sleep quality increases or decreases and what the exact cause of that change was. In addition to these it has bedtime stories and sleep sounds to aid you in falling asleep. If that doesn't convince you they've even included a smart alarm to wake your body up at the best time.

• Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker [Apple]
This app pairs with apple watch to produce detailed and accurate sleep tracking results. Pillow does just about everything except put your pajamas on for you. This app offers sleep music and wakeup music. It has a designated mood tracker and sleep notes journal, heart rate analysis, and it even integrates with apple health. In addition to this it predicts and gives you recommendations on when the best time is to go to sleep, offers 3 different nap modes, and a bunch of other unique features that are worth checking out.

• Sleep Monitor: Sleep Cycle Track, Analysis, Music [Android]
Sleep Monitor prompts you to enter activities you've done that may influence your sleep behaviors. Analyzes sleep quality from a scale of 1-10. Offers detailed sleep tracking such as; how long you were awake, how long you slept, and even how long you snored at night. Helps assist you in falling asleep with relaxing and calming music.

• Sleep Lab: Sleep Cycle Tracker, Relax Sleep Music [Android]
This app offers Dream-weaver recording for those sleep talkers out there. Furthermore, they feature sleep monitoring+data analysis. Sleep Lab assists you in falling asleep with their HiFi sleep aid music. For the sleepers that are motivated by competition they even have a ranking board based on has the best sleep score.

• Gentle Wakeup [Android]
Not only is this app great for falling asleep, but also for waking you up in a gentle non-abrasive way like most alarm clocks do. This app features an array of settings such as a built in night light/torch, night clock, and gentle sleeping sounds. On the opposite end, it helps sleepers mimic waking up at sunrise with a built in sunrise effect that imitates daylight and gentle wakeup sounds.

• Snore Lab [Android/Apple]
Records your snoring, gives you monthly results based on your snoring. It offers you suggested snoring remedies, Snore Lab even predicts the root cause of your snoring.

• Do I snore or Grind? [Android/Apple]
The main feature of this app is that it records you when you sleep to predict whether you snore or grind your teeth. Some other cool features are remedy suggestions, wakening tracker, and a smart alarm.

• Moshi [Apple/Android]
Moshi is the perfect kids sleeping aid app. If you identity as a big kid, don't worry this ones for you too. Moshi has a lot of fairytale and disney-esk audio stories to listen to before bedtime. Perfect for the little ones and even better for the parents!

• White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds [Apple]
This app has been coined the "Life saver for new parents." It exclusively offers white noise sounds that newborns love and adults alike. You can set timers and faders to precisely adjust how your white noise plays. This is the only app on the list that offers asmr sounds for those sleepers that require a less traditional sleeping aid.

• Sleepiest [Apple]
Sleepiest offers detailed sleep sounds, meditations and stories that they claim are proven to help get you to sleep up to 11x faster.

• Bonus: Free Calm Sleep: Improve your Sleep for Free [Android]
This app specializes in getting you to fall asleep more so than tracking sleep. It includes a variety of calming sleep sounds(that can be streamed on or offline) specialized for adults and children. There is a music timer included so that you don't have to worry about waking up to turn the music off. In addition, there is also a bed time reminder and a wakeup alarm.

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