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Why do we snore?

So...why do we snore? The truth is that snoring can be caused by a multitude of things. Studies show that snoring has been found it to be a result of genetics, weight and even aging. Snoring is caused when there is a prevention of clear air flow access to your throat. This can happen naturally when certain muscles in your mouth relax as you fall asleep. It is hard to prevent this, due to your body acting subconsiously while you sleep. As a result of this the throat releases a vibration a.k.a. the snoring sound. Think of it as if you are viewing two rivers. One river has an open passage and water is flowing smoothly along the current. The other river has an obstructive iceburg in it that tends to float wherever it pleases regardless of the natural river current flow. Now as a result of this, there will naturally be some complications, with the noisy sound of waves crashing against the iceburg being only one of the few. Do you see how the river current can be similar to a humans air passageway? So what's the solution? If you are a sufferer of snoring, our team has dedicated countless hours and research to develop a device that fix this problem. The technology that we've embedded in our Anti-Snore Device stops snoring so that snoring will never stop another nights peaceful sleep again.
The negative effects snoring can have on your body without proper treatment:
People often consider snoring as a normal body reaction and dismiss the long-term health consequences that come with it. If not treated snoring can lead to; choking while sleep, extreme fatigue, carotid atherosclerosis, and for pregnant women, a higher chance of C-section and smaller babies.
So can I treat it at home or should I seek a medical professional?
When it comes to snoring, most cases can be treated at home, which is exactly why we developed our at home anti-snoring device. However for some cases, you may need to seek out a medical professional. If your snoring leads to severe symptoms like pauses in your breathing while asleep, see a doctor immediately. If your snoring seems to be a result of sleep apnea, seek medical help...this could be life threatening. If you deal with chest pains when you snore; you also should consider medical help, this can be an implication that you have a more severe health issue. All health risks should be taken seriously and we encourage you to find the proper treatment whether that's via our brand or another source. 
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